Building your dream house

It takes a (not so) small army to build a house.  Architects, engineers, a really good general contractor, excavators, electricians, plumbers, real estate broker, attorneys, lenders, carpenters and YOU, the homeowner.

For your project to be successful, you need to pick a good team, to find reliable experts to work with.  To love the house you build, you’ll need to be a good team captain.  You’ll need to be able describe your dream house: What neighborhood is it in?  How many bedrooms does it have?  How many bathrooms? What kind of outdoor space do you want?  Is building an energy efficient, environmentally friendly house imporant to you?

We’ll show you how we selected our team and give you pointers on how to select yours.  We’ll start with finding a great real estate broker who can help you answer the first of the big questions:  What does your dream house look like and where is it located?

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